At Cass Legal, we understand the stress and uncertainty that the passing of a loved one can bring to a family. It can be a trying time for all involved, that’s why it is essential to seek quality legal advice before administering the estate.


This is especially important if you have been appointed as Executor of the deceased’s Will. If you have been appointed an Executor of an Estate you are responsible for the management and administration of the Estate, which must be administered in a prudent manner serving the best interests of the beneficiaries. If the deceased died without leaving a Will (or a completed or valid Will), the deceased is said to have died Intestate. In this event the rules of Intestacy will then apply to the distribution of the Estate. Our extensive experience in managing valid-Will Estates or Intestate Estates including the prompt collection of all assets, the careful distribution of assets to the beneficiaries pursuant to the Will (or in accordance with the rules of Intestacy) and finalising the affairs of the Estate.


Our staff are interested in your legal welfare and are eager to help and assist you to address the obligations and particular perils of your matter, as well as to answer your queries as they might arise relating to your Estate matter. Depending upon the size and nature of the Estate assets it may be necessary to apply to the Supreme Court for a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration (the latter, if the deceased died without a Will or valid Will). As the requirements for obtaining either a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration can be quite complex and technical, our experience will be of great assistance to you in making the necessary applications to the Supreme Court. At Cass Legal we can take you through this process smoothly, efficiently and cost effectively. It is highly recommended that you seek legal assistance to administer an Estate.


Our office has through the experience of time and practical involvement over many years, developed enviable procedures that enable us to cost-effectively and efficiently streamline the Court Application process for you. You will no doubt appreciate that many of our bureaucratic systems including those governed by our Courts, have their own forms of reviews and requisitions which can slow down your application. As practitioners and law practices, we are not able to guarantee a fast and requisition free application when dealing with the Court process, but we can offer the expertise to deal with the many complexities and requirements along the way. We at Cass Legal can proudly say that our systems and procedures (incorporating best practice guidelines) will ensure that the correct procedures are adhered to, in view of the ultimate goal of administering the Estate to completion with the minimum of delays and expense.